Campus Services

Room Temperatures

During the academic break, the following energy conservation measures will be in effect for academic and administrative buildings, including spaces such as classrooms, offices, class labs, lecture rooms, auditoria, lobbies, hallways, etc. Libraries and Research laboratories will be excluded from these measure:

  • Thermostats will be allowed to float below 69° from Dec. 17 to Jan. 16 in buildings with limited to no occupancy.
  • After 5 p.m. and on weekends from Dec. 17 to Jan. 16, thermostats will be allowed to float below 69° wherever possible, including buildings that remain open during the academic break.

Holiday Settings

Academic and administrative buildings are scheduled unoccupied during holiday periods, similar to weekend schedules. A list of university holidays is available on the KU Human Resource Management website.

KU academic and administrative building temperatures are carefully scheduled throughout the year to achieve the highest levels of personal comfort and energy efficiency. For more information on temperatures, visit the Energy Policy and Standards page.

If your department has a special event scheduled in a space typically closed during holiday periods, consider hosting your event in an alternate building that will have standard heat or air conditioning during the holiday period. Scheduling your event in an occupied building will save energy by using the heating or air conditioning already provided in the occupied building.

If you need to hold your event in a building that is typically not occupied during holiday periods, and you want to request a temporary temperature setting adjustment, contact Facilities Services at 785-864-4770 or Facilities Services will use the most energy efficient means of supplying cooling or heating for approved off-hour/holiday requests.

Mail Delivery

Federal mail will not be delivered unless delivery is specifically requested in the unit plan reports. Campus mail will be delivered Dec. 18–22 and the office will be staffed. The Campus Mail office will be completely closed Dec. 26– Jan. 1, and will resume Monday through Friday campus mail delivery Jan. 2–12. Prior to placing orders for goods in advance of the academic break, please consider your office’s schedule. Packages delivered by UPS, FedEx, or DHL to closed offices during the break will be returned to their sources. Someone must be on hand to receive all of the mail for the building; otherwise it will not be left.

Because of delivery challenges during the academic break, making purchases for delivery should be limited. The at-home delivery options for necessary office supplies are still available. If there are no available personnel to receive deliveries, please do not purchase non-essential items for delivery.

All offices must provide the names and phone numbers of two emergency contacts in their unit plans. Units are also expected to post their schedules and emergency contact numbers prominently and well in advance. Voice mail messages providing the schedule, appropriate referrals, and emergency phone numbers should be recorded.


To enhance security during the academic break, most campus buildings will be locked. Employees who work onsite and those who need occasional access will still be able to enter through keycard access. If electronic access has not been configured, an online service request can be submitted.