Campus Unit Responsibilities

Unit Plans:

Use the web‐based process to report unit schedules (e.g., closing, fully open, reduced staffing), mail delivery preferences, and emergency contacts for the Winter Recess period. Unit heads are expected to confirm their plans in advance with their leadership. Each unit must designate an individual who will enter the unit’s plans (i.e., schedules, mail delivery preferences, emergency contacts) using the Winter Recess plans formUnit information should be entered as soon as possible. Because some units have special needs or may need to perform in-person service or activities during the Winter Recess, it is important that all units report their plans and needs.

Unit plans do not need to be reviewed and approved by the Provost or Provost’s representative. Unit plans will be shared with administrative and leadership offices, as well as other offices responsible for facilities and campus safety.

Designation of Weather Essential Staff:

Unit heads or their unit designee must review and notify Human Resource Management by emailing to with any designation changes.

Note: Weather essential and inclement weather compensation are only applicable to positions that are required to work on campus. For more information, you may want to review the Human Resource Management Frequently Asked Questions regarding this topic.

Shared Service Center or Personnel Related department staff (with time reviewer or budget roles) may provide a listing by positions and employees using the OAC>Human Resources>Employment>Contact data sat.

The weather essential “Attributes” codes are defined below:

  • WEA1A - Weather Essential
  • WEA1B - Weather Essential Backup
  • WEA2A - Weather Essential Intermittent (e.g. activity of event based)
  • WEA2B - Weather Essential Intermittent Backup

Please submit changes via by email and include the information below. If no changes are needed, no action is required.

  1. Position Number
  2. Employee Name
  3. Addition or Deletion or Change
  4. Weather Essential Code (listed above)